How to Make Money Online – Flipping a Domain Tops the List

How to make money is a question which everyone asks one or several times in his lifetime. And, always the answers kept changing and it will continue in the future too. We moved from agricultural age to information age and this has multiplied the answers to this one question ‘How to make money.’

In an information and communication age in which we live the answers are many when it comes to making money online. It’s worth to remembering that today most of the world’s richest people are the people who used the information stairs to become rich.

Domain name selling is one of the way people are using to make money online. Domains are purely only. You buy a name, keep that until an offer comes and when the offer comes you sell. Interestingly if you search Google with these keywords ‘How to make money online’ you’ll be presented with a WIKI article and here the number one method suggested is domain flipping. The article says “Domain names are valuable internet real estate and some people actually make a nice living off of buying and selling them. One strategy is to use Google Adwords to find keywords that are trending and use that information to buy domain names that you think may soon be in demand. However, since short, snappy, or straightforward domain names have already been mostly snatched up, you can also get lucky buying domain names that are random acronyms, as you never know when a person or company with those exact initials will decide to set up a website. (, for example, sold for over $200,000 when Contract Pharmaceutical Corporation decided to go online[1]. Not bad for three


It’s apparently clear from the above article that Domaining is real, but, as usual a word of caution that don’t jump into domaining without fully reading several articles as it’s not easy as it appears. So, do your own due diligence before buying and selling names.

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