I Changed My Site Name From SowDomain to MeetDomains.com

Being in domaining since last year I realized that the site name from which I was sharing my domain knowledge was not appropriate and this has led me to change the site name from SowDomain to MeetDomains.

People were having difficulty in remembering the word Sow. Some said they wrote it as SoDomain and not Sow.

I was having other names like TheDomainNames.Org, LatestNames.com, DeliveryDomains.com but non came close to my choice except MeetDomains.com. Also, I took the advise of AbdulBasit of AbdulBasit.com and he too suggested me to go with MeetDomains.com if no other good domain is available. Thanks Abdul Basit!

I request whoever has added my previous name sowdomain.com to their blog list to edit it with MeetDomains.com


2 thoughts on “I Changed My Site Name From SowDomain to MeetDomains.com”

  1. Hey Tauseef,

    This is better domain and I like it compare to the previous one. Thanks for the mention. Always there to share whatever I can and have under my belt.

    Good luck with your new name!

    1. You’re right, it’s better than sowdomain. But sow got me started and so it will remain as a memory for me. Also, somewhere, I’ve read that rebranding is going on in domaining and I think I too rebranded by making this change.

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