I list expired pending delete domain names

I regularly visit DomainPicks website which is the property of Mark Hershiser. Everday Mark lists domains. I asked him the following question:

Question: Hi Mark, Just one question: Why don’t you list domain name with a link to it like DomainShane (Www.DomainShane.Com) does? I think it eases to locate the auctioneer.

Answer: Mark answered the following and permitted me to post his answer in my blog too.

It’s complicated but most domains on Shane’s lists are in specific auctions or pre-release auctions which means they are not pending delete yet, so the auctions are usually exclusive, a domain registered at GoDaddy and in a pre-release auction at GD will be got by GD and will stay at GD and keep it’s age, it never actually expires and deletes, so there is a specific link Shane can link to.

I list expired pending delete names that can potentially be registered by any body if they are quick enough, most are not quick enough so the name will more than likely get picked up by NameJet or SnapNames or a BO service, etc. So your best bet is going and putting in bids at these services, my putting a link to a NameJet auction on a pending delete name could be worthless as there is no guarantee NJ will get the name.



N.B: By the way Mark’s post “Domain Picks Dropping on June 19th 2013” mentions that he will be posting more about pre-release, pending deletes, registrars, rules, and auctions… so Stay Tuned.

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  1. Thanks Irfan. I have bookmarked your site and I will come and read all your posts. And I promise to post more about pre-release, pending deletes, etc like I said I would…

  2. Hi Mark,

    I’m Very much delighted to see your presence at Sow Domain! I hope to learn from you a lot because I highly regard & respect you as one of those true Domainers who started early and still going strong in the domain name space.

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