I Received Email to Bid on o33.com

I own o33.org which I recently registered. From past couple of days I received same email thrice to bid or make an offer on o33.com which is at auction on GoDaddy.

The Email Text is Given Below:


I noticed you own the domain name o33.org. I wanted to remind you that o33.com is in auction at Godaddy and it closes today at 1:54pm PST.

If you wish to participate in the bidding, the auction can be found here:
Godaddy Domain Auction

I am not associated with Godaddy and I am not the owner of o33.com. It is unlikely that you will receive any future emails from me, but if you wish to ensure that you don’t, please reply to this email.

If you win the auction, please let me know, I’d love to hear from you.


I don’t want to put any remarks on this email and I not responded also. Because I already took an action to bid so I not felt the need to reply him. anyway, I made an offer for up to $70 and not made any further offers. The other 033.Net is also registered and presently displays a parked page. So, all three top level domain featuring 033 is underdeveloped.

Anyone interested to secure the o33.org just send me an email at: sowdomain ‘at’ gmail.com

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