I Registered My First New gTLD .Today Domain

After reading a post from Mark of DomainPicks I decided that I should too take a little risk. And, this is how I started envisioning the potential of new gTLDs. The registrations so far is not breathtaking but it’s not bad too; considering new gTLDs have just arrived and non-domaining community is not aware of this new domain extensions.

As the word about new gTLDs become popular day-by-day certainly the registrations will drive and thrive. Businesses may don’t want to lose their brand under a particular new gTLD and so they may do defensive registrations. Individuals may find it more attractive and brandable to start a new blogging site. Well, with so many new gTLDs out and every new gTLD has some meaning the registration may go up as the time passes.

So, these thoughts and the tips given by Domainer Mark I registered my first .Today domain and it’s


It’s a call to action domain. And, I hope it’s well in line with all the popular green domains out there. This domain I believe lacks business orientation but I think Shane of DomainShane may guide me better on this.

Another domain that went throught my registration but failed due to trademark issue was Executive.Today. Before submitting the order I checked the Trademark websites for a potential trademark issue but I couldn’t find any, but during the registration my registrar NameCheap rejected due to Trademark issue. The charges were reverted back to my account.

This episode taught me that registering new TLD is a bit tricky. At once you may not find any trademark issue but while submitting your order the issue may light up. It’s good that Trademark-Clearinghouse has made a system to stop trademark registrations under new TLDs but you must remember that it has limitations. As under Trademark clearing house only those domain names will be protected the owners of which applied for protection.

3 thoughts on “I Registered My First New gTLD .Today Domain”

  1. Good luck with your first gTLD. A decent name. I haven’t registered any yet and won’t be doing so in near future. Just keeping my focus on .com domains which are doing well as always. I feel gTLDs are more risky than .com and the reward is also not that sweet no matter in short or long term so why I would diversify my investment in such a risky asset. This is just my view and others might disagree…

  2. Actually, Mark, got me started to register some names under new gTLD with its inspiring post. As always .com comes first! But, securing good .coms is not easy especially through aftermarkets and that’s why I’m diversifying a little.

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