Income From Domain Forwarding

Recently I intentionally redirected one of my domains to website. And, through this what I understood that anyone can transfer any domain to any website/or any other domain name in the internet space.

My idea is will somebody pay you to redirect/forward your domain name to their domain name?

I don’t know and I never heard it from any domainer or domain investor.

Usually, domain investors make a return in domaining through selling the domain name or by parking revenue. Developing a domain is a different story. Here I am just writing about income from a domain name.

I think it may work. Especially for those who own generic domain names or product-related names. These domain investors can contact the potential businesses that run on a brandable domain name. And, are looking for traffic to their website. And, if they can receive traffic through your domain – then they may be likely to pay.

Now, will you be to sell it or not?

We know that there exist several marketplaces where we can simply list our domain name. And, it’s not required that you set nameservers or forward it there.

There are pros and cons to it. And, one has to carefully evaluate it all. One of the cons is that if someone who checks your domain with an intention to buy it sees it’s forwarding to already existing business. Then he may think this domain is not at all for sale. If he checks the marketplace then only he will be able to see it’s for sale.

The pros are the business owner who is paying for traffic may come forward and buys it seeing the potential.

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