Is .Club a Second Best Alternative TLD for .Org?

There exists around 10 million+ .org domain names and it’s a hugely popular TLD in line with .com and .net. The only limitation it has is that it’s not a suitable extension for entities with a profitability model. As it’s clear that .org is an extension which serve well to non-profit organizations and entities.

With the emergence of .club domains, I think, the .org is going to have a tiny competition with .club TLD. Following are my reasons:

1. Owners of a .org TLD having a club type organization may go for a .Club registration in order to shorten their domain name or just to do a defensive registration.
2. Those who are starting new, may find .Club extension more attractive as it’s fresh and there are plenty of opportunities in it to generate better names for registrants.

The first point may increase the registration figures of .org TLD further, and the second point may decrease it. It’s quite interesting to see how far the .club will go in future. But, the guys behind it are aggressively promoting it and its early signs are showing that .club is born to sustain and succeed. It may not be able to beat the numbers of domains which .org has accumulated since its launch but certainly .club may prove second best alternative TLD to those aspiring to get a decent name for their clubs or non profit organizations.

There are countless clubs around the world and if awareness about .club gets spread to these club entities then maybe the club founders may opt .club extension as attractive.

2 thoughts on “Is .Club a Second Best Alternative TLD for .Org?”

  1. .org is very well established and authoritative and I don’t think .club can ever compete or be called an alternative for .org

    I personally like .org compare to .net

  2. I totally agree with you! There is only one niche competing with .org that are non-profitable clubs who may find a better name under .club.
    Also, I too like .org more than .net

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