Is Down?

It has became my routine to see the sales figures which DNJournal brings every Wednesday. But, usually I check it on Thursday due to the time difference factor. Well, today when I tried to open the I encountered ‘problem loading page’ error. I tried several times in vain. Later, I checked the feed to try the DNSales list from there but it was not available there too.

I don’t know what maybe the reason. I think, maybe the site is down for maintenance. Since long time I’ve no problem visiting This is the first time I’m unable to access the site from my location. Ron Jackson is very consistent with his postings and he addresses issues in advance related to his blog in an Editors note paragraph. Well, I hope all is well with DNJournal.

2 thoughts on “Is Down?”

    1. Yeah, It’s working! Although I follow TLDInvestors data daily but reading DNJournal is something different.

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