Is Dot com a Necessity With Every New gTLd Domain?

If you’re registering Example.newgTLD would you also required to register the .com combination such as is a question the answer to which is not very clear. Some argues that the .com combination should also be taken if it is available so that the traffic leakage is controlled and I guess some think it’s not necessary.
Note:Replace newgTLD with your choice of newgTLD extensions such as .club, .guru, .xyz, etc.

Well, one thing, to remember that all newgTLDs are like the line from Robert Frost poem ‘The Road not taken.’ It may make sense for the registrant but for a common person it’s an extra learning. Before the inception of new gTLDs very few top level domains were in count approximately 22 and many businesses used to register .com and other popular TLDs such as net, org, etc. to avoid any traffic leakage as well as to gain more customer trust. And now there are many existing as well as new gTLDs in the market place creating opportunities as well as confusion for all.

So, this makes sense that the business owner must have a .com combination so that customers don’t have to remember the new gTLD. It doesn’t mean that the business owner should not build a website using the new gTLD but it means a .com combination must exist so that it forwards to a new gTLD website if business owner wish to build the site using the new gTLD.

Such is the power of .com that it is the reigning king of all top level domains whether it’s generic top level domain or a country code top level domain. And, this is the reason why companies like used to simplify and unify its international operations and then returned to use the to remove customer confusion. And, there are several other stories cementing the power of .com universally.

If you’re domainer you can register a newgTLD and its .com combination and sell it together to an end user and if you’re an end user you must get both registered. Some times the .com version may not be available and if it’s the case then that domain be reviewed in terms of its use to know whether it’s parked or a developed website.

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