Is it a Domain Lockdown?

Is it a domain lockdown also? With so many cities are getting ahead to implement lockdown. It seems the marketplace for domain names will also be impacted and may experience the effect of this lockdown.

When businesses are closed and personal health and safety come into priority. All other business decisions go into lockdown status. This means investments will remain nil to nothing.

9,331 Total Sales $9.6m Dollar Volume – Feb 2020

The above sales are related to February data from – and, it will be interesting to see how these figures fare this month.

The above tweet from Rick also solidifies this fact – that domain sales will go down. And, as long as the threat of SARSCoV2 will loom over the head of the world. Less and fewer people will spend on nonessential things. And, the domain is a nonessential thing at least for now. Companies will focus more on paying salaries and meeting overheads.

But, essential things like sanitizers, masks, grocery items, and all other necessities will see a huge rise. Also, cleaning companies will benefit too. Especially those who specialize in bacteria removal.

People also predict demand for digital media and digital entertainment will rise too. More and more people/companies are using Zoom which is a video conferencing program. Online education / Social distancing apps – may see a short spurt of increase. But, will it be alike after Corona’s disappearance is a question unanswered right now.

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