Is Sahar Sarid Back?

Every day I follow domain blogs via and it’s really interesting to read views shared by other domainers and bloggers. The recent development with regards to happening in this industry created a strong buzz. It’s like a buzzorm!
I read almost every article that covered the story and how it’s going to impact the .xyz domain registry in particular and the overall new generic top level domains in general.
One interesting post I came across with regards to .xyz was from Elliot Silver where he shared thoughts from Sahar Sarid I’ve read his Bio earlier but never read anything directly from him. He has a website SaharSarid where he says “Love traveling, Shakuhachi (Japanese Bamboo Flute), sound & music, animals, working out, Paddleboarding, Freediving, the outdoors, healthy living, fresh juices, reading, and questioning all things around us”.

He had been very low with regards to Domaining since year 2010. As one of the website blogtrepreneur mentions that “Sahar Sarid is a former domainer who made his rounds in the domain industry and even was inducted into the Domain Hall of Fame in 2007. Since 2010, he has been taking a break, traveling all over the globe.”

Reading his post at led me to think and ask “is he’s back?” coming back to share his views on domaining and new gTLDs or it’s just an xyz phase that propelled him to air his views. Not knowingly clearly, I decided to write this post and just evaluate Sahar Sarid an inspiring Domainer as well as a global traveler.

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