It’s OK to regret after selling (Alvin Brown) produced a podcast on August 30, 2020, featuring Hiren Patel who is the owner of

This is an excellent Podcast where Hiren explained in detail about his domain investing journey. The lessons he learned – and about the major breakthrough came when he sold the ElectricCar(.com) for $180k.

During the Podcast – Hiren shared a quote from his uncle which I am copying here verbatim “It’s OK to regret after selling” at 30:10 audio play bar time.

And, the thought was really great and it is applicable to not only domain investing but a whole lot of other businesses. My personal experience I will share here that during that Chinese boom I was having a single Chinese premium domain name and 5 number domain name. The value of those LLLL and NNNNN was like 2k to 1k depending on number quality.

I read about it at different blogs – and few experts estimated that the value may soar up to 5k and more… And, instead of taking advantage, I decided to wait. And, the values of Chinese LLLL premium and numbers dropped. In a similar fashion, I personally lost a few offers on my domain name when I made a counteroffer. Those names are still sitting in my portfolio.

So, it was a lesson – that you can regret after selling, and most often you’ll realize later that the decision to sell was correct and the feeling of regrets goes down with the time.

But, at the same you should not be in a hurry to sell – the decision should be based on individual domain names. The investment you made to acquire such an asset and the offer value you’re having on the table. The probability of acquiring new fresh assets or replacing the old inventory with new inventory. All are required and need a lot of work and thinking.

So, selling is OK but not cheap. And not without due consideration to everything. There are domain investors who sold it so cheap early. And are regretting still. Namepros is a great place to search such stories. See, this link about LLL you will find the domain name NIQ which was reported there as sold for an amount you’ll not believe. And, here is the link of sale for the same domain name

It’s one such story I came up during my analysis – and, I think there are plenty of such stories floating around domain investors domaining career.

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