Microsoft Buys

Domain investors who regularly read articles/feed through and follow popular namepros threads will easily remember stories connected to is a domain name that if goes into a wrong hand could pose potential security risk to lot of windows users. ZDNET reports ” the reason the domain has become problematic is it could provide the owner with passwords, email and other sensitive data from Windows PCs in companies where admins used a generic domain name ( to represent the idea of any domain when setting up Active Directory. “ Security researcher Brian Krebs reported on April 7 that Microsoft has purchased the dangerous domain to keep it out of the hands of the bad guys. More

The story goes like this “As an early domain name investor, Mike O’Connor had by 1994 snatched up several choice online destinations, including,,,, and Some he sold over the years, but for the past 26 years O’Connor refused to auction perhaps the most sensitive domain in his stable — Dangerous Domain Goes Up for Sale

This is a good move from Microsoft. Especially keeping the interest of its worldwide users. The good thing about domain name in the early stage of domain sales- it was acquired by the good guy and finally went to the right corporation.

Recently Morgan Linton posted a good article about defensive and strategic domain name acquisition. Strategic domain name registrations is the practice of registering domain names for sound business reasons that go beyond keeping the domains out of the hands of domain name squatters and competitors. And, I will add here out of bad guys in the case of The difference between strategic and defensive domain registrations

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