My Comment at AbdulBasit.Com

AbdulBasit Makrani who is a professional domain name investor posted this article.

Some funny domain inquiries I received in last few days

It’s a good read and I posted my comments as follows:

Basit, A nice thread is going on at Elliot’s Blog with this Title “Is There Something Wrong With Contacting Owners of Expired Domain Names?” and your post in some aspect is relevant.

I pity on domain owners who fail to renew due to some reasons. Well, the Domainers are not guilty as they acquire when the Domain leaves the previous owner. And, this is where the previous owner who has an interest in his name comes back -thinking the current owner has acquired it by wrong way. He fails that it first travels from him to Auction houses where the big players are actively fishing.

Anyway, receiving such offers too is a good experience.

I like to thanks Abdul Basit for replying it back.

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    1. Thanks Again, It’s a category I created to track my own comments in order to learn how to comment well as well as to learn something from every blog post I read.

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