My comments at Elliots Blog

Is There Something Wrong With Contacting Owners of Expired Domain Names?

My comments:

1) It reminded me about the Select (d0t) com story where the domain investor contacted the domain owner and acquired the domain.

This scenario is like that Idiom which says “Is the glass half empty or half full”

The optimist (Domainers) said it’s half full – The pessimist (Registrars) said it’s half empty and the opportunist (Active Domainer) ‘drank the water’ in other words got away with the Domain.

2) By not having that domain in auction two things are affected.

1.Auction houses loses their margins
2.Other Domainers loses the opportunity to bid

In my opinion it must go to Auction house, so that the all optimist Domainers doesn’t get defeated by the opportunist Domainer.

It was a good topic and Elliots post garnered so far 60 comments as of now. Some in favor of expired domain name owners, some in favor of Domainers and so on.

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