Non-Resolving Domain Names Also Makes Money

I often thought that domains that are resolving, have a site built on it, or is parked are perfect examples of how money is being made on internet through domain names. But, off late, I also figured out that domain names which doesn’t resolve and brings an error while loading the page also earns a revenue to its owner.

I’m not talking about low quality domain names but names that has reasonable search and type in traffic. Generally a non-resolving domain name shows nothing and clearly it’s not making any money. But, if we think differently we may know that although it’s non resolving but it’s still making or saving money for its owner.


Suppose you own a domain name called ‘’ and it’s not resolving. Your competitor loves this domain name. If you lose this name, your competitor may get a hold on this name and may turn this domain name into a well developed SEO optimized website which may help him to take away some of your customers. If this happens you lose revenue.

If you have some domains that are not doing anything, don’t think that they are not making any money or just collecting dust. In fact, this domain may stopping your competitors from becoming more competitive.

Most of the domain owners love to build sites around their domain names or may wish to monetize them by parking. Due to trademarks issues some domain owners decide to let the domain under an unresolved status.
It’s necessary too. If they park it, it might also show their competitors adds which indirectly may effect their sales and revenue.

For such premium domain names the owner may develop them, or forward it to the concerned developed site or may leave it as non-resolving.

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