Register a .Today Domains for Something That Changes

Dot Today (.Today) domains are out and around 7000 .today domain names have been already taken through the advantage of general availability. This is one of the domain extension among 100s of other new gTLD extensions.

Domainers is a community which keeps itself informed about all the domain related news and happenings. And, truly, at present more than businesses and non-domainers it’s domainers who are taking advantage of registering good and premium domains under new gTLD extensions.

Dot today is progressing well and at present it’s among top five new domain registrations. And, it’s expected to grow further. Registering domains under new gTLD is little tricky. As a domainer or business individual you must be aware of what goes well with a particular new gTLD extension. If you register wrong combinations then it certainly reduces the value of domain name. For example registering Past.Today doesn’t make sense.

Today is a word that is more related with latest happenings and news. News changes every day and that is why having is excellent, and similarly, foreign exchange currencies changes everyday and so having a domain Exchanges.Today or Forex.Today will be a good choice.

Targeting keywords which are more related with change and coining them with .today domains fulfills the purpose of this extension. In domaining at present the discussion is hot for registering right kind of word combinations for new gTLDs is very important. Every extension has its own applicability and giving a little thought is very important to register domain names.

Domains That may go well with .Today are as follows:

Holiday.Today (Not Holidays Today)
Diabetes.Today (The rate of Diabetes patients and cure related information changes every day)

The idea behind registration should be heavily focused on business. If your chosen domain name has no value to an end-user then it’s just waste of time and money.

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