Registered My First .Academy Domain Name

Yesterday, I registered my first .academy domain name. The name I registered is Urdu.Academy. Urdu is a language very popular in India and Pakistan. It’s a dominating language when it comes to Hindi/Urdu literature. It’s believed to be spoken by close to 100 millions of people around the world.

When it comes to .academy it’s a new generic top level domain went to general availability this year and at present shows a count of 11,982 registrations as per ntld stats. I believe any new gTLD that has crossed the ten thousand registrations mark may grow well and will be a success in the future.

Registering a new .academy domain name is a bit costly. You may need to pay USD25. Registrations are available at all leading domain registrars websites such as Godaddy, NameCheap, Uniregistry, etc. One good thing about .Academy TLD is that it’s a vertical associated with learning which is a huge industry. eLearning industry is expected to surpass $100 billion mark by year 2015 and it makes sense that more and more players will enter this market with their deliverables. And, each may need a domain name and a .academy name will be the perfect answer for such educational endeavors.

Some benefits of .Academy domain name could be:

1. It’s open to all
2. Very suitable for educational and eLearning based websites
3. It’s new in the domain space and a right domain is not too far
4. If you’re having an existing domain name which has a ‘academy’ as a keyword you can register the .academy to shorten your domain name
5. .Academy names brings instant recognition as it says your website objective clearly without any tagline support
6. The cost of registering a .acedemy name is not much compare to some other new gTLDs such as .University
7. a healthy 28% domains equivalent to 3,354 domains are live and rest are parked as per ntldstats

Considering the value of eIndustry I’m bit optimistic that this TLD may gain its foothold in the domain space in the future. I’ve registered Urdu.Academy as I love my language and I’ll sell it to an end user only who may use it to spread this lovely language.

And, I maybe looking for more .academy names to register. Have you got any .academy name?

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