Self Test! How Many New gTLDs You Know?

Well, I thought of a law in psychology that states number of objects an average human can hold in working memory is 7 ± 2. .

Given this fact, I’m trying to test my working memory right here with number of new gTLDs I may have remembered so far which I’ll write here:

1 .guru
2 .xyz
3 .club
4 .Berlin
5 .Today
6 .Agency
7 .Ninja
8 .Education
9 .Email
10 .Links
11 .Solutions
12 .Accountants
13 .Clothing
14 .Press
15 .Tattoo
16 .Apps
17 .Web
18 .Online
19 .Cheap
18 .Tips
19 .Zone
20 .Repair
21 .Company

Above I’ve compiled in 3 minutes, maybe I’ll come with more ‘G’s’ if I put more stress on my mind. As I blog about domains I may have remembered more than 7 TLDs but what about an average human being who is not a Domainer or an Internet blogger. How he/she will remember 1000’s of new gTLDs. Really it’s going to be a total mess.

One of the reason why .com is so successful maybe because people don’t want to remember more extensions other than .com. And, this maybe the reason too why so many other extensions have never able to compete with .com.

We can blame .com for being the center of all new as well as existing gTLDs. If .com had not succeeded, we may have a data that may have indicated split of domain names across all extensions more or less in an equal manner. If this was the case then we may have thought of a different conclusion for the new gTLD stuff.

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