Shall I drop domain name

I registered this domain on 10 May 2010. It’s a cctld domain ‘’ representing country India. India as all of you know is a hugely populated country next to china.

A Wikipedia article suggest that 5% of Indian population is obese which is less or more equal to 60 million people. This rate is expected to grow as more and more junk food gets easily available to the people of India.

There are many companies who are eager to tap into this market of weight loss related products. Fatloss is similar to weight loss more or less appropriately.

Lets see its metrics:

Local searches when set to India displays around 1000 searches at a CPC of USD:0.66 and a global searches of around 8100 for fat loss as two words. 46 local searches and 1600 global when fatloss as a single word put to test.

No of inquiries: Over the last three years I not received any single inquiry for this domain. One of the reason may be because it’s a ccTLD and Indians sought other better choices.

Anyway, Estibot’s valuation points it to be worth $170.

I spent so far 40 USD in order to keep this domain for the past three years. It has not generated any parking revenue and I’ve not developed it. I also not marketed it and not reached to end users or Domainers. It’s an another reason why I not able to monetized it.

Considering the value I put already on this domain I think I will lose more by not renewing it than I may lose by renewing it. I mean If I not renew I may loose the $40 of investment and if I renewal I may lose the current $14 GoDaddy fees for .IN renewal.

If I fail again when it comes to selling or monetizing this domain over the next year it means I’m again going to incur a further loss of $14 the renewal fee.

So, the question is shall I renew or not? And, what if I choose a new dot com to register in place of it that may have a better chance of flipping?.

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