The Rising Domain Traffic Curve

Lately, I have noticed that some of my domains are getting some little over the regular traffic. The domain type-in traffic curve is on the rise. Though no sale happened. But, nice to see the spike.

Are you experiencing the same with your domain names?

Since the majority of the world’s nations are under lockdown. People have more time than ever before. And, having enough time helps people go through their aspirations which otherwise were tightly sealed due to insufficient time on hand.

Some of my domains that are getting traffic are:

  • Yardbarn dot com
  • Unmanned dot co
  • Xuww dot com
  • QAFinancial dot com
  • CentralShop dot co

Most of my names are brandable types and as such don’t get any traffic at all. The above names are not a part of the brandable portfolio but good to notice a traffic spike.

All traffic is not a guarantee of a sale. So, I am not that excited. Just sharing to see if other domain investors are also seeing a rise in domain traffic.

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