The Same Landing Page

Maintaining the same landing page throughout the year – I think, is a good and safe practice. The prospective buyer who is often visiting the landing page will feel assured that his domain is still live and not taken by someone else.

Since most of the people know what are websites – but, they don’t know websites are built on a domain. And, the domain name can be purchased. If a landing page changes – the buyer might think it’s sold. Taken. To our eyes it’s just a change and for sale, the banner is still displayed. But, the buyer may miss that note. And, forget about the domain itself.

So, it will be good for domain sellers to do the following:

  1. Dont change the landing pages – keep it as long as the domain is available for sale. Choose the landing pages provided by the domain registrar itself. Or use any other landing page which offers BIN on the landing page.
  2. List your domain at Afternic, Sedo, and DAN for sale. I think these three markets give you an enough exposure. Your domain will come in many registrars’ registration stream also.

This is all is needed to sell a domain name.

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