Top Domain News for the Month of August 2015

1. Google used to launch their parent company Alphabet
2. .XYZ registrations boomed after decision by Google
3. shoe as of this time a total of …. new tlds with ….in pending delete
4. sold by media options to rev media for 1 million with additional considerations
5. .online registered 28000 in 30 minutes in its general availability mode
6. Ammar kuba’s next project is ..
7. Ryan colby reveals $1.45 million in domain sales for August
8. launched domain sales newsletter
9. Acron posted Lawyer trust account an alternative to escrow
10.Godaddy started offering 2fa for its international customers
11.Progressive Specialty Glass Company nailed for RDNH
12.Thomson Reuters Acquires Premium Domain Name
13.The highest brandable sale as per DNGeek is //// domain
14.British born music artist Calvin Harris has filed a UDRP on the domain name
15. sold for $3,000 to an end user
16. Daniel negari of xyz registry sold
17. The Professional Golfers’ Association of America of Florida on the domain name
18. Brandbucket nears 20000 names
19. hit with an udrp

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    1. Thanks for the appreciation Abdul Basit. I’ll try my best to cover top news every week. Meanwhile, feel free to suggest any improvement.

      1. I would love to see a new theme as the current one looks a bit oldish and the sidebar where archives, bookmarks and all that exists is going way down the road in every post we open up. When they will be divided side on side, things will look much better.

        Also a change of logo would be good too ;)

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