Top YouTube Channels – Are They Using TV Extension?

If you visit this page located at Wikipedia you’ll see top YouTube Channels with number of subscribers. It’s no wonder – YouTube today has become the go-to channel in terms of information and entertainment. More and more people are slowly leaving direct Television – and switching over to YouTube because of the variety, portability and the free access it provides.

Here is the list of top ten YouTube Channels with their .com and .tv extensions:

YouTube Channel .TV .com Remarks Tip/Suggested
PewDiePie registered registered .com & .tv forwards to YT page Excellent
TSeries registered registered an official site and .tv is available. Ignored hyphen Should register/get .tv name
5MinuteCrafts registered registered .com shows 5minutescrafts heading and .tv returns nothing needs to fix .tv and .com
CanalKondZilla available registered .com is a parked page. And, TV is available Should register/get .tv and .com
SETIndia registered registered .com an official website and .tv returns nothing should get .tv domain
JustinBieber registered registered .com and .tv both takes some other pages should try?
Cocomelon available registered .com takes to official site and tv is available should forward to YT channel or make a better website
WWE registered registered .com and .tv takes to official site nothing
DudePerfect available registered .com takes to official site and tv is available get a .tv
HolaSoyGerman registered registered .com and .tv returns nothing get a tv and .com

Although, TV extension should not be associated with a YouTube channel. But, for brand protection, it’s a necessity I say. So, companies/Channels who’re not having that not so popular and commercial .tv extension but have millions of subscribers should give a thought on registering the .tv extension. The cost could be well recovered with the leaking traffic via a .com or .tv extension.

My next question on this series – should channels with high subscribers forward their domain to the YouTube channel or maximize it via a domain name?

Disclaimer: If you’re into domain names – don’t register any of the available domains under any extensions. The channels/companies may have trademark protection enabled on these names.

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