Types of Domain Names Under Your Account

Everybody loves to have a domain name. Businesses and individuals register everyday domains for their online identity. Lets see in this post what are the types of domains which we register to our names.

1.Completely New: Is a domain name which has never been registered before and you are the first one on the earth to come up with such a term or phrase for a domain name.

2.Registered Earlier but deleted: Is a domain name which was once upon a time registered by somebody but later was dropped. And, then never picked up again leaving the name to be deleted completely from the registry. Your new domain name may be a deleted one.

3.Registered and dropped: This is a domain name which was once registered and then dropped by the previous owner. After the drop somebody picks it up. Generally such domains cost you more than what you usually pay for a fresh new domain. Such domains are accessed through aftermarket sales sites such as Godaddy, Namejet, Snapnames, etc. through bidding or bins.

4.Sunrise Domain : These are the domains that are accessed directly before it goes to general registry by companies in order to protect their Trademark related domain names.

5.Landrush Domain : These are generally the premium generic domain names available to select few who wish to have a top generic names for their businesses.

6.Domainer : Sometimes you acquire a domain name from a person who holds the domain you wish to own. Such person if holding a large portfolio of names then probably he’s a domainer

7.Broker : Sometimes businesses hires a broker to transact a domain name on their behalf.

8.Aftermarket: Sometimes you go to sites like Sedo, Godaddy, etc. to place a winning bid on a domain name you wish to register

9.UDRP : Sometimes you get a domain name under your account by fighting for it at court through the channel of UDRP.

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