Use Correct Country Short Code In a Domain Name

There are abundant of domain names with a geographical element like the country in which that business operates. Many businesses after not getting their desired name often resort to adding country or the city name in their domain name to make it unique and easy for registration.

If it’s the case, then a person should try to register its business name as a domain in its country code top level domain. Since dot com rules and companies want to have their domain name in the dot com category the following points a company must consider while adding a country name to its domain name:

1st. Use Correct Country Name: To make your visitors less confused, try to add the country name of your country to your domain name in its proper full form or the short form which is universally acceptable. is more appropriate than although the short code for United States is U.S. Similarly DiamondsIndia is more appropriate than DiamondsIn. But, is more appropriate than DiamondsUnitedKingdom.
You should use the short country code only if it’s hugely popular otherwise stick to the full name of a country or a city.

2.Hyphens: There are many domain names with a name+countryname. But, it’s interesting that businesses instead of avoiding the hyphen have used hyphen to separate their business name. Although it looks good clean but, a business should not forget to register the same name without using hyphen also. If it fails, invariably the name without hyphen gains more traffic and it means a loss of business. For example: If you register then you should also register

3. ccTLD or new gTLDs: Its a great opportunity now to get your business name in already existing ccTLDs if available as well as in the new gTLDs. The chance which was gone in dot com, dot net now may be available to grab under the umbrella of new gTLDs.

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