What are crappy domain names

Crap is something which is of extremely poor and of low quality. A crap is something that no body bothers about, cares about and everyone just wants to dump them altogether.

When it comes to domain names, there are some domain names that are termed as crappy or crap domain names. And, it’s the obligation of every Domainer to peel off from his Domain kitty such unwanted names.

To Figure out what are crappy Domains the following points may apply:

1.No Type-in-Traffic: Crappy domain doesn’t receive any type in traffic. They are revived from registry pool by the Domainer by the Act of registration but it never felt or experienced by the end user. As a result they just fed themselves by accumulating dust.

2.No Offers: A crappy domain name is one which has failed in attracting an end user to make an offer. If it’s sitting without any offers it’s probably is a good bet to drop. You may have listed it on several domain selling platforms but nobody noticed it or liked it after seeing it.

3.No development potential: Even if you take that Domain on your own shoulder you may experience problems with regards to its developmental potential. Crappy Domain are not development oriented.

4.Brandable: Some crappy domains are brandable but there are many brandable words which are not creatively tapped instead they are left to die. A domain is brandable in your eye but if the other party is not willing to pay for it then it’s probably a crappy domain.

5.Too many Hyphens: A crappy domain sometimes may have more than 2 to several hyphens making it unsuccessful in terms of search engine recognition and user navigation. If you spell business as B-U-S-I-N-E-S-S and claim it to be a premium domain nobody will agree to such claims.

6. 2 Year old : A crappy domain which has not paid its renewal feel by way of it monetization even in two years time frame means it’s probably not gonna make that in future too. If you got some psychological reasons to keep such a Domain then you must need to take action to get rid of these crappy Domains.

7.Extension: Some times the domain name is OK but the extension makes it crappy and unwanted. If you have a good name followed by an extension which is not yet recognized by market then it’s a crap domain. With many extensions available right now you can have popular Generic names too like Balloon, Aeroplane, etc. available for registration but the question is whether there is a market for such products or not?

8.Zero Based Thinking: Knowing what you now know would you’ve picked that Domain name for registration? If your answer is ‘No’ then that Domain name is an excellent choice for abandonment.

9.Expired Domain Names:Sometimes domain name is in your portfolio and sometimes it’s existing as a product in the aftermarket. If you bid on a domain name that is going to expire or drop and no one bid on it then it’s surely a crap domain name. If you really like a name which is dropping and nobody is bidding then as a rule wait till the last couple of hours to see if someone bids and decide accordingly.

10.No meaning: Domain name is a word or a combination of words or an acronym for something. If it’s not single or a club of two or more words and also not stands for anything then it’s really an obscure name having no meaning and such names must be dropped because they are crappy.

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