What Is a Good Domain Name

What is a good domain name? Here are some of my findings:

  1. It has wholesale as well as retail value. A good domain name provides liquidity at both markets – wholesale and retail.
  2. Business-oriented: A good name appeals to a larger pool of businesses and not just a few
  3. If it is a two-word domain – it may appear as a positive word+category. Like AladdinCleaning or PerfectCleaning. Aladdin and Perfect are positive names. Whereas Cleaning is a business category.
  4. A two-word domain may also be a brandable name that may be specifically suitable for one or more categories of business. Such names are often available at brandable marketplaces – which are specifically selected by expert teams
  5. Low renewal rate: A good domain extension should not cost hundreds of dollars when it comes to renewals. I consider for business any extension of the domain whose renewal is below $100 is a good option.
  6. Dot com is preferable but if it’s costly to acquire – then the business should look for dot co or dot io availabilities as well as considering a ccTLD domain extension
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