What is the Brand TLD?

What is a Brand TLD

When we say Brand TLD it means corporations like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Etc. Can have their brand name as a TLD identifier instead of the more common .com extension.


Windows.Microsoft; Iphone.Apple; Adwords.Google, Etc. Notice the brand after the .dot

Who can apply?

It is said anybody can apply and ICANN will review the application. Generally, you have to spend $200,000 first. And, it is He estimated that companies will need to spend as much as $1.5 million to operate their own TLD registry

Presently active Brand TLDs

AAA.AAA ; registry.google; domains.google ; nic.amazon’ applemusicforbusiness.apple and many more

Purpose of Such Brand TLDs

The basic is to offer security, control, and more freedom to brand owners to freely name their second-level domains.


Deloitte, Canon, Hitachi, Motorola, and UNICEF were some of the first groups to have shown interest to apply for their own. brand TLD. Canon expressed .brand TLD “increase the convenience and effectiveness of its online communications.”

Not Interested

HP and P&G found it too expensive and confusing. The estimated $1.5 million may be needed to operate their own brand TLD

My view

Brand TLD looks good when we think of all the advantages it provides. But, I think it will take its own time. Businesses and companies survive in the market due to customers it serves. And, you cannot expect your company to visit all of a sudden example.example because they can’t think on that ground.

Further, the cost of operating and managing is so high – the company especially in this era of outsourcing, cost-cutting, and lean thinking do not think it as a mandatory move. Also, there is a problem with the way you chose the SLD. Suppose Google.com decides that it will change the TLD com to Google for its search. Now, what SLD will be good. Google.Google; Search.Google; or Online.Google – Companies generally are not that good in brainstorming names. And, one wrong SLD will confuse their customers and as a result, more cost may incur to reeducate the customers. This cost is above 1.5 million estimated.

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