Who registers a Domain name?

There are several types of individuals who visit a domain registrar website and register a domain name. The following are my observation:

1. Domainer : A domainer is a person who register several domain names to sell them at profit.

2. Hobby: Some registers a domain name in order to pursue their hobby/hobbies online.

3. Name : Some individual register their names related domain names and most of them never host anything on it except retaining the domain name.

4. Resume: Someone buys a domain name in order to put their resume on it.

5. Emails: Email is important but there are individuals who doesn’t want a public ID so they buy domain names just to use an email ID.

6. Business: Small, medium and all large sized businesses nowadays have an online presence. They buy domain names related to their company names and some also invest in having generic names.

7. Professionals: Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Accountants, Artists also buy domain namess in order to conduct their professional activities and business online.

8. Addiction: Someone buys domain names just out of addiction. They don’t sell or just don’t bother to sell. They regularly think about domain names and register them out of addiction. Domainers too are addicted but they put market first rather than their own liking while registering a domain name.

9. Flippers: There are individuals who buy domain names in order to develop, monetize and then sell them at profit.

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