Why .Club is Now The Number 1 New gTLD

According to http://ntldstats.com/ .Club is now firmly established itself as the number one new gTLD beating .GURU which was holding the number one spot since the launch of new gTLDs. Although club signifies something which is meant for non-profit activities in most of the time but commercially it proved profitable to the club registry.

Why this new gTLD has out-performed every other new gTLD to-date? is an interesting question. According to general thoughts going in domain industry the following may be the strong features of .club.

1.International appeal: According to www.nic.Club “CLUB” is a global phenomena – it carries the same spelling and meaning throughout the world”.

2.Promotion: .Club Domains has used extensive advertising campaigns to raise awareness about .club. Several domain blogs now feature in their website’s sponsorship-space the add of .Club new gTLD.

3.Positive Reviews: From the start itself, the .Club TLD got positive reviews from most of the domain community members and this buzz helped it in getting good amount of registrations. And, it seems the wave will continue for a long time.

It will be interesting to see how other new gTLDs will perform which are about to hit the market. Will .club retain its number 1 position or not will be interesting to note in the feature.

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