Why I registered TabletLED Com

During the month of April2013 TabletScreen.Com sold at Afternic for a sum of US$25,000. I made a quick search at Google Keyword Tool with the following and found these results:

Keyword – Competition – GMS LMS
[tablet] : High : 1,220,000 : 60,500

[touch screen] : High : 60,500 : 5,400

[tablet monitor] : High : 590 : 170

[tablet screen] : Medium : 390 : 110

[tablet display] : High : 260 : 58

[tablet led] : – : 140 : –

[tablet lcd] : High : 140 : 12

[tablet phone] : High : 18,100 : 2,400

[tablet computer] : High : 12,100 : 4,400

[tablet mobile] : High : 3,600 : 46

The search volume for tablet screen is low but still the domain name commanded a good price. I then thought of other ways a tablet screen can be guessed by the user and I came up with Tablet LCD, Tablet LED and Tablet Display and I found Tablet LED being available. And, it was having a decent search too. And, Google returns around 106,000 with quotes for Tablet LED.

I further my search to see if any trademark issue is there with Tablet and I found all major companies for their computer related products are using Tablet. Another widely used industry for the term tablet is the scientific/pharmaceutical industries.

Well, here is a link to Amazon for a Tablet LED Flashboard(R).

Google with quotes “Tablet Led” displays all about 106,000 results. LED stands for Light-emitting diode, a semiconductor diode that glows when a voltage is applied and it has wide application across many products and industries.

If you think this TabletLeD.Com has some commercial value, then, don’t forget to email me an offer.

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