Why I registered the domain name oclothing.com

Try searching clothing by placing the following prefixes:


You will notice that all dot com domain names have been taken already. I registered oclothing.com recently and it was available. To me O can mean different things.

O-Name of a company beginning with letter O
O-Just a word that is brandable to someone.

Clothing is a big market and as of this post Google delivers in quotes 1,350,000,000 results. There are too many companies worldwide operating under this industry and all needs a good and brandable domain name for their business.

Oclothing.Com is a short name, rich in keyword and is made of 9 characters.

Lets see if there are some active sites with regards to the above prefix placements.

ACLOTHING – An Active Website
BCLOTHING – Listed for sale at HugeDomains.Com for $1595
CCLOTHING – Listed for sale at DomainNameSales.com
DCLOTHING – Listed for sale at DomainMarket.Com for $2000
ECLOTHING – Website doesn’t resolve
FCLOTHING – Website doesn’t resolve
GCLOTHING – Listed for sale at DomainNameSales.Com
HCLOTHING – Website doesn’t resolve
ICLOTHING – An active website (Generally E and I prefixes are more valued)
JCLOTHING – Listed for sale at Monicker.co
KCLOTHING – An active url takes you to servingnotice.com
LCLOTHING – Parked and listed for sale at Godaddy.Com
MCLOTHING – Takes you to http://www.aytel.co.uk/
NCLOTHING – An active website
OCLOTHING – Parked and listed for sale at Sedo
PCLOTHING – Parked and maybe listed for sale
QCLOTHING – An active website
RCLOTHING – Parked with register.com and maybe listed for sale
SCLOTHING – Parked and listed for sale
TCLOTHING – Listed for sale
UCLOTHING – An active website selling clothing
VCLOTHING – Website Doesn’t resolve
WCLOTHING – Parked and Listed for sale
XCLOTHING – Active websites selling Clothing
YCLOTHING – Parked with Godaddy and maybe for sale
ZCLOTHING – Parked and listed for sale

From above only few are having websites like Xclothing, Qclothing, Aclothing and few are url forwarders like Mclothing.com.

In my opinion companies who are in clothing business and their company or brand names starting with that particular letter should acquire the relevant domain name and use it appropriately. for example the domaintools with some filtering shows around 1500 results of websites starting with letter ‘O’ and having clothing in their domain name. By acquiring the relevant short and memorable oclothing.com they can use it to 1.redirect it to their own website 2.Make a new website and promote their other other brands.
And, this similar strategy may be other companies too can apply by picking up relevant prefix/letter+clothing domain name and use it for their own benefit.

5 thoughts on “Why I registered the domain name oclothing.com”

  1. Abdul, Thanks for the visit. I care and value your opinion. I’m at the beginning of the learning curve with regards to Domain Names and having a response from someone like you accelerates more interest.

  2. Thanks Irfan :)

    I would highly suggest to focus more on two word domains related to product/service name rather than brandable names because they are not liquid domains. Also you can buy and flip LLLL.com and short/catchy domains for some good profit and quickly…

    Good luck :)

    1. Thanks AbdulBasit for this important tip. I have very few such names but hopefully I’ll bid to win some liquid ones. Will keep you informed.

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