Buy Domains Top Ten Domain Sales Year 2020 is in the business of selling domain names since 1999 as reported by their company’s Linkedin page. has been reporting domain sales at Namebio on a consistent basis for the last five years or more. In this post, I am detailing Buy Domains Top Ten Domain Sales Year 2020. Most of the sales reported are in the range of $2000 to $9999. Maybe the company is selling the domain names for more than $9999 also. Anyway, one good thing about reading and understanding BuyDomains sales data is that – most of the domains sold by it are brought by direct end-users or businesses. There may be a small percentage of domain investors buying from BuyDomains too. Anyhow, that can be ignored. I have analyzed the Namebio generated report for this year 2020 for BuyDomains from Jan to Nov 2020 – And, this is how the data looks:

It’s quite amazing to see the above stats – 4358 sales at an average price of $2212. I must say, BuyDomains is hugely contributing to the domain investing world by sharing its daily sales. Good to see a platform that sells directly to businesses is reporting its sales figures. If you think I have mistaken with above data – then just check BuyDomains data for the last month. They have reported 347 domain sales at an average of $2298.

Here are top ten sales as extracted from for BuyDomains shared data:

I checked all above ten domain sales to see if all are used by businesses. And, here are my results. In order to not allow search engine to index the domain name – I am using the serial number to show my results:

  1. The first domain ending in the deal is currently showing a parked page. The buyer has not yet changed the nameservers.
  2. The second domain name above ending in ‘ers’ is also showing a parked page. The buyer has not yet changed the nameservers.
  3. The third domain name is a functional business website which is using the domain name for data and analytics for marketers. Decile is a statistical word meaning ‘each of ten equal groups into which a population can be divided according to the distribution of values of a particular variable.’ It seems the buyer got a great domain name for such a price.
  4. Again a very good domain name. We all know how valuable are medical domain names. Currently, the domain is fully operative. It says ‘A content describing what your store will sell.’
  5. Portals – what a great word. Registered in many extensions. And, someone getting it in a dot net extension shows how BuyDomains pricing is so attractive. At present, the domain name is not showing any fully developed page.
  6. Another very good domain name. But, it is not showing any developed page.
  7. Furniture domain names are great too. Kid Furniture is a broad category. It has 27100 searches with CPC of $1.43. It’s in fact a category killer domain name. And, the price it sold for make me think? Anyway, the site is still not operational. It’s parked. And, I think it’s churning nice parking revenue for its new owner
  8. It looks to be a clear domain investor buy. At present, it’s parked on the Epik website. Traders are quite popular suffix. And insider trading tricks are valuable.
  9. Takes you to a parked page. Seems to be taken by a cat lover.
  10. Taken by someone who values the security and safety of the community. Holding police accountable for their actions builds trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. It’s a word that has a Wikipedia page showing in detail what it means by it. doesn’t show the number of domains it owns. Or shares the spreadsheet. But, here is a link where it shows domain names by category. And, it has filters to selectively search a domain name by price and extension. According Morgan Linton “If you’re a startup founder who is looking to buy a domain, is definitely somewhere you should look.”

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