Domain Outbound Marketing Advantages

Domain Outbound Marketing Advantages are not just limited to having a domain name sale. It goes beyond that. And, here are some of the advantages I think one may experience doing domain name outbound marketing.

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  1. Selling Efforts: Most of the salespeople are most engaged when they actually put their efforts into talking and writing to a prospect. It is the time in which a salesman puts to practice all the learning and skills. And, as a result, there is a flow of new ideas and a clear spike in creativeness. The feeling that you are trying to sell your product by pitching it to a prospect is the motivational foundation to start with.
  2. Research Benefits: Outbound marketing involves a considerable amount of research and understanding. It’s like finding a needle in the haystack. And, during the process, it’s quite usual for the researcher to discover new things. And, when it comes to domain names it is like discovering new businesses and the domain names used as online identity. Going thru various search results and sometimes visiting the webpages, maps, yellow pages often helps the outbound marketer with insights that helps him in making better business decisions. It’s like a market study on the go.
  3. Domain Tasting: I am against someone registering a domain and asking for a refund from the registrar if the outbound fails. But, one can retain the domain during the whole one year time. And, drop it if no sales take place. More about the domain tasting here. The more efficient one becomes in knowing which domains have the potential and which lacks, the lower the rate of drops becomes in the future.
  4. Domain Picking Skills: Domain name investors who regularly engage in doing domain outbound marketing develop the most important skill of purchasing or picking the right domain names. The more you do outbound the more you understand which domain piques the interest of the customer and which domains get sold eventually. It’s like asking others to validate your chosen domain name.
  5. Discipline: A couple of days before I wrote one article the four-important-domain-quadrant and in which I emphasized that the sales quadrant is the most important aspect of domain investing. More time one has to devote to this quadrant than in any other quadrant. And, doing domain outbound marketing regularly helps in building the kind of discipline which is required for becoming a successful domain investor. Finding prospects and sending them carefully thought out emails to help them chose the right domain name for their business is a skill that over the period of time gets developed thru discipline.
  6. Pricing Skills: Outbound data can be used for better pricing. You tend to price your domain names better when a large number of your sales comes from outbound. It certainly helps you in using the optimal pricing for your domain names. As a result, gains get balanced across your domain portfolio.
  7. New Contacts: Outbound domain name marketing gets you new contacts. And, some contacts can become your permanent customers. It means you can sell them domains (related to their industry or area) as and when you acquire domains of that nature. Most businesses have an understanding of how domains can be useful. So, they are ready to invest in domains as a regular asset or advertisement based investment.
  8. Spam Laws: Learning outbound marketing starts with first understanding of spam laws. Each country has a different approach to controlling spam. And, has acts in place to protect people from spam-related issues. The first thing an outbound marketer has to learn is sending emails that are can-spam compliant.

Above are some of the points I think are attached to an outbound domain name marketing process.

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