Missing DomainNameSales.com Report

It’s since February 2015 last I saw the DomainNameSales.com sales report as shared by DNJournal.com. After that there are very few limited sales reports came from sellers who used DNS to sell their domains such as Commercial.Property, EscapeArtists.com, CurrencyConverter.com, etc.

So many things have changed since that period of February and not having the glimpse of sales made by DNS may not be good for domainers. As most of the domainers have their domains with DNS – it’s really an important data point to refer to for making purchases as well as for selling domains.

I think before the end of this year, the DNS should release its sales report so that the puzzled pieces can be put together for better analysis and evaluation of the domain industry as a whole.

If you want to review the past sales as reported by DNS then go to NameBio.com and select the venue as DomainNameSales. It will reveal you all the important sales figures starting from PersonalLoans.com which is sold for 1 million USD to Obsessive.com sold for USD 50,000 as per the data access rights.

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