sold for EUR.75,000 as reported by SEDO

While reviewing the market activity report of SEDO, I stumble upon with a whopping figure of EUR.75000. What surprised me is the dot ‘nl’ ccTLD. Like most of the domainers I’m too not so familiar with so many ccTLDs out there. And, this led me to Google dot ‘NL’ ccTLD. I went through the WIKI’s page and found interesting facts about it.

Introduced April 25, 1986
1. It’s a ccTLD representing Netherlands country.
2. It’s ranked 5th most popular ccTLD after .de, .tk, .un and .cn
3. The cost of a .nl domain varies, but depending on the registrar the price is around 7 to 15 euros.
4. 38% of the .nl domains are registered by individuals.
5. Registrations are taken directly at the second level
6. Related website is

It’s sure to make a place in DNjournal.coms list of top 100 reported sales of year 2013.

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