Report Completed Domain Name Sales Here

One of the most popular discussion threads or posts at Namepros is the “Report Completed Domain Name Sales Here” it was started by a member named RJ – Domain Buyer is his Twitter handle. This thread was started on 19th April 2005 and it’s still very much active. Sofar, 852 pages were contributed towards it. Basically, it was created to share sales made by Namepros members in order to motivate the other members. And, I think it’s the most engaged discussion forum with many views and plenty of comments. So, if you’re not following it – then you’re missing something.

Its stats as of this writing is the following: Views: 3,652,540 and Replies: 21,288 – Current position page 852 as of today

Generally, sales are shared following some basic rules: And, here are the difference between a sale reported at Namebio and

FeatureNamebioNamepros Remarks
Sold PriceYESYES 
Purchase PriceNOYES 
Listing TypeNOYESBIN/Offer
Listing UpgradesNOYESFeatured Listing
Hold TimeNOYES 
Sold by/SellerNOYES 
Acquired FromNOYESHand Reg/Private/Marketplace
Asking PriceNOYES 

as you can see from the above analysis – a lot of information is shared by Namepros members when the report a given sale. And, these are those details that motivate other members to continue domaining. And, to work towards picking good domain names that have a future end-user in waiting.

Here are some advantages of watching this thread:

  1. More details: More details about a particular domain sale is always attractive. And, one can enjoy such details following this reported sales thread
  2. Real: Reading a Namepros members sale feels like real
  3. Help: I have often noticed that once a sale is posted by a member – other members request more details. And, the person who shares the data always helps
  4. Extra Data: Most of the sales shared by Namepros members are not made to publish thru domain sales venues like Namebio and DNjournal. This means, reading most of the Namepros sales is a must if you like to track sales happening/reported every day
  5. Portfolio Review: There are members like Nikul Sanghvi who go the extra mile in sharing more information about their portfolio. Like his post (Almost) A Decade of Domaining… goes into more details about his business model.

To sum up, following Report Completed Domain Name Sales Here at Namepros is something of a routine not missed by most of the investors.

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