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In DNJournal’s report Jan 5, 2015 – Jan. 18, 2015, is listed and ranked 5th. It is sold for $32500 by I visited WebsiteProperties to learn more and found listed there under premium domain names section for $250,000 as asking price but you’ll see that as a deleted figure with a note ‘SOLD’ just below.

It has a nice pitch about “ is a rare premium three letter dot com that has a multitude of uses. Synonymous with “Rock & Roll” or “Rest & Relaxation” this name has high applicability in the entire music industry, travel and resort marketplaces. Couple this with the thousands of companies and products that could use RNR as an acronym and the potential of this exclusive domain name becomes apparent.”

It is quite difficult to accept why a company sets an asking price so high and sells it for not even 15%-20% of that asking price! Well, I understand it could be due to some cash flow problems. And, I think the buyer got a good deal. At present, it seems the name is picked-up by another Domainer or a Domain company, new registration details showing EPIK Inc as the current owner and I found it listed for sale at for $51750 but I’m not sure whether it’s a fresh listing or previously listed one.

With regards to I notice some very good other premium domains listed there and I think they may consider a wholesale price too, the premium list includes Hero, IA, Ergonomics, TeleMarketers, Divorces, etc. under .com top level domains.

2 thoughts on “The Sale of By WebsiteProperties”

  1. Good research about WebsiteProperties and they own some great domains. Not sure if they are actually all owned by them or are offering brokerage service for some of them. Overall, it looks great portfolio.

    In your last para, you mistakenly wrote WebProperties instead of WebsiteProperties ;)

  2. Thanks AbdulBasit for the comment, the names they own looks great and you maybe correct about this portfolio as they are in domain brokerage services along with websites. The names they are selling are worth watching. Also, thanks for correcting the typo.

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