All-Time Top 20 Domain Sales – DNJournal Vs NameBio

Here is the list of the all-time top 20 domain sales as reported by Here you will also find top sales as reported by The data from both websites which are often referenced by domainers and end users concerning the top sales is OK but there are some differences.

To analyse this, I took the top 20 sales from DNJournal which ends with with a 2.7 USD amount. And, the same shows 2.4 USD amount at website.

There are some more top dollar sales reported by which doesn’t appear at all at Those domains are: 8,500,000 USD 7,000,000 USD 5,500,000 USD 5,000,000 USD 5,000,000 USD 3,850,000 USD 3,500,000 USD 3,300,000 USD 3,250,000 USD 3,200,000 USD 3,000,000 USD 3,000,000 USD 2,900,000 USD 2,890,000 USD

All the above sales are below higher than the 2.7 USD million sales. The 2.7 million sales at is as the last 20th top ranked sales. I dont have any answer as to why the above sales are not part of DNJournal’s top 20 sales?

Here is the complete list of the data as sourced from both websites as of 12 Aug 2018.

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