TLD’s Sales Report Year 2018 – Jan – To-Date

TLD Total Sales Dollar Volume average price standard deviation low price high price High Priced Domain
.com 52600 $66.2M $1259 $19K $100 $3.5M ICE
.net 1849 $1.8M $957 $2410 $100 $40K TL
.org 3046 $2.4M $772 $4584 $100 $225K Star
.info 166 $122.6K $738 $1741 $100 $14K KreditKarte
.co 389 $955.1K $2455 $6696 $100 $85K Feed
.io 726 $1.2M $1615 $4113 $100 $67K Lucky
.newgtld 1154 $4.3M $3700 $20K $100 $500K Home.Loans
.cctld 3221  $7.3M $2252 $5529 $100 $138.4K

If we go through the above stats as provided by namebio we can see that .com is still the king. And, surprisingly, .org is the next best TLD alternative. Its sales volume is $2.4M compare to .net’s $1.8M. So, we can conclude that .org has its own unique place in the domain name aftermarket.

Some other TLD’s that have gain some traction in year 2018 are .co and .io. Startups are increasingly choosing them as a second alternative to .com domain name. .com is costly and getting .io or .co is falling under the budget of most of the startups.

New gTLD’s all combined have totalled so far $4.3M and for them the journey is still thousand miles away. The above report shows ccTLD’s have fared well in compare to new gTLD’s with around $7.3M sales. But, .io and .co are part of ccTLD’s. And, if we subtract them. The total of sales comes to about 5M. So it’s something which needs a more detailed study.

In my view, .io and .co should now be termed as generic top level domains and not as ccTLD’s. But, looking at their current ccTLD status I think, startups, should carefully analyze any eventual setbacks of owning a ccTLD as their preferred choice for business launch.

Here is a good post which analyze in details the impacts of having a ccTLD domain

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