Top Ten Alphanumeric Sales

You may have noticed top ten sales consisting of letters only or numeric ones. In this list you will find top 10 alphanumeric sales as reported by

namebio provides the feature to exclude hyphen and numbers option. And pattern option also. These options are great. But, I think it will be interesting if it adds an alphanumeric option which can show only sales consisting of alphanumeric domain names.

Such domain names are not that common but there are certain alphanumeric patterns which are common such as 247+keyword, 360+keyword, 1st+keyword, etc.

Well, here is the list:

Domain  Price USD  8,00,000.00  2,80,000.00  1,96,500.00  1,30,000.00  1,30,000.00  1,17,000.00  1,07,000.00      80,000.00      60,027.00      60,001.00
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