Year 2017 Top Ten Domain Sales

The year 2017 Top Ten Domain Sales:

We’re in the last quarter of the year 2017. And, I thought, it will be interesting to check and analyze the top ten domain name sales made so far in this year.            2,890,000 USD     2017-04-04 Private ( is an airfare search engine that makes looking for airfares both quick and easy.)          2000,000 USD     2017-10-22 Sharjil Saleem (Very recent sale)  2,000,000 USD    2017-05-21 Ali Zandi (Forwards to which offers you the ability to own a home)           1,820,000 USD    2017-01-29 VIP Brokerage (Not resolving)           1,750,000 USD   2017-04-16 NameExperts (Not resolving) 1,200,000 USD   2017-10-08 GetYourDomain (Recent Sale)          660,000 USD      2017-05-07 RightOfTheDot / Sharjil Saleem (Not resolving)        550,000 USD      2017-06-04 Private (Offers an advanced travel app for the road warriors)    550,000 USD       2017-05-21 RightOfTheDot (Not resolving)       500,000 USD       2017-03-12 Buckley Media Group (Offers refinancing solutions to help its customers improve their financial situation.)

Data Courtesy: Namebio

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