The Word ‘Able’ and Its Brandable Facts

Able is one of the most popular word in English. It denotes ‘being capable’, ‘skill oriented’ and one who has the knowledge and experience. It’s an adjective. Its positive feel has made it ‘capable’ to be placed as a prefix as well as a suffix when it comes to company naming and domain registrations.

Here are some top three sales as per Namebio containing the word ‘able’ in it: $47,000
Able.EU $23,580 $20,000

The exact match dot-com domain ‘’ is an active website engaged in communication-related products. It’s difficult to know whether this company is using this domain name to the best of its advantage or not. Clearly its a six-figure name for an end-user.

The word ‘able’ has proven to be good as a suffix for many brands. BrandBucket has many domains that end in able. And, here is a list of some of the active startups having ‘able’ in their domain name:

Wanderable: Honeymoon registries to wander today and remember forever
Talkable: Is a technology platform that enables marketers to run customizable Refer A Friend Programs
Kodable: Helps teacher and parents teach computer science for tomorrow’s innovators
Boostable: Provides a cooperative digital advertising solution that enables e-commerce businesses
Pressable: Managed WordPress Hosting that delivers reliability, security, and speed backed by expert support
Chalkable: Helps students achieve success by breaking down the barriers to learning across the K-12 ecosystem.
Knotable: The app for teamwork
Fundable: Crowdfunding for small businesses
And, there are many other companies too.

Here are some top Google results for the word ‘able’: Creating a better future for our children and communities Training and employment services for Jobseekers Offers small and large business loans A coffee equipment source A legal aid for western Ohio
and, son…

Words like ‘able’ have limitless application when used in naming. Its qualities like – easy to spell, short and ability to work-better both as a suffix and prefix have made it a good option for startup companies. From domain investment point of view, one should not expect much from a two-word based domain containing able as a keyword. Because there are so many other variables and options available for an end-user. But, I think the sweet spot for such domains is 4k to 9k.

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