The Word ‘Above’ and Its Brandable Facts


A quote on above – “Above the clouds, the sky is always blue”

As per the, the word ‘Above’ means “The extended space over and not touching”, and “At a higher level or layer than”. It’s a pure brandable and well-known word. Its usage in everyday language has made it a common word even for non-native English speakers. It has a positive meaning too and positive words make a good brand.

Let’s see from the naming point of view how well this word performs:

NameBio stats show the following top three sales for the keyword ‘Above’:
1. $50000 Sold on 2006-11-25 – An existing website Offering Domain Investment Platform.
2. $4051 Sold on 2013-10-07 – Undeveloped website, may be available for sale.
3. $2888 Sold on 2011-09-07 – Is for sale.

Google result throws a number of 2,220,000,000 for the keyword Above. It has 110000 monthly average searches. And, following are some of the websites using Above for different purposes: – An innovation agency driving positive change through a seamless fusion of strategy, design, and technology. – Global foundation protecting the right of children and youth to quality education. – News, Insights, and Opinions on Law Firms, Lawyers, Law School, Law Suits, Judges, and Courts. – Above Restaurant and Bar in South Orange, NJ has a multinational menu. – Movement empowering young people to recognize and face the influences around us. – Comedy network for high-quality funny videos from top comedians, stars, and rising talent.

The number one marketplace for Brandable domains has a good list of names related to the keyword ‘Above’. And, as per their branding team, domains related to above can be a good fit for startups desiring to start a marketing firm, an SEO company, religious site, a travel hub, a weather app, a clothing line, a children’s store or an educational website.

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    1. AboveBeyond is a nice domain name. And, I found it interesting to talk about ‘word as a brand’. And, good to see you’ve some names whenever I’ve something to post. :)

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