The Word ‘Abroad’ as a Brand

Abroad is a word that is when uttered leaves someone fascinated by the people, culture, food, and progress of another country. The word ‘Abroad’ in my own terms is something which is not local and is often referred to denote a foreign land or a country. Many people leave for abroad every-day. As per a UN report, India has the largest population of the people living abroad. Basically, people go abroad to work; study or to get settled there permanently. Abroad is a term which is very much synonymous with being foreign. Immigration services, studying abroad and working abroad are among the hottest service industries serving millions of people.

Let’s check how the word ‘Abroad’ as a brand is serving the companies worldwide:

As per the top three sales with the keyword ‘Abroad’ in it is; and The keyword ‘Abroad’ in Google shows About 261,000,000 results and its EMD is around 74000. For StudyAbroad EMD’s are 49500 with good cost per click for the term.

And, here are some companies using ‘abroad’ as one of a word as a brand name for their business domains: – Programs abroad, scholarships and internships – The University of Kansas. Office of study abroad – Study, Volunteer, Teach and Internships Abroad – You’re going places – See the world. Gain a new perspective – DIS provides semester, academic year, and summer programs – The leading overseas jobs board in the Philippines – Offering the ability to take action for nature and society

The premium domain  is an undeveloped website. With its massive search results. It’s sure to go for high figures whenever it changes the hands.

Some other interesting facts:
USA has the largest international students with over a million followed by UK and China and Interesting the countries with most students sent out outcomes from India, China, and Saudi Arabia. When it comes to labor force the USA, Germany, Russia and Saudi Arabia are among the four most populated destinations by expatriates workers.

Well, there are some other terms too closely related to Abroad like Overseas and Foreign which are also used for such purposes like Overseas Jobs, Overseas Studies, etc. But, coming to the term ‘abroad’ the relevance of Job and studying aboard is slowly fading away due to virtual classrooms and remote working. Still, the word is strong for companies who’re into providing work and job services abroad. And, when a company buys and operates on a keyword rich domain name such as study abroad it immediately gets traffic and credibility. But, such names are expensive and are not easily available.

Well, if you’re planning to start a business of providing abroad based services, then try to use the word ‘abroad’ in the domain name and in your company name too in order to immediately catch the attention of the prospective buyer. A brandable name for such a service industries may not yield immediate results.

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