The Word ‘Absolute’ As a Brand

The word ‘Absolute’ is one of those English dictionary based words which are easy to spell, sounds better and is positive. From the brandability point of view, it scores a straight ‘A’ and is quite memorable and unique. A word like ‘absolute’ when used for branding demands much more than just business and customers will have high expectations. This is also a reason why businesses are wary of branding themselves on such a word. Still, it’s a good word and here are some interesting facts about it.

1 reports many domain sales beginning with the word Absolute and followed by a business category like slots, wealth, media, air, healthcare, etc. Among several such domain sales, the domain tops the charts.

2 Google shows About 487,000,000 results for the word ‘Absolute’ with 200444 EMD’s at 0.29 CPC’s

3 There are 33 names at BrandBucket for the term ‘Absolute’

4 There are tons of trademarks filed for the word/name ‘absolute’ as per

5 The exact premium domain is a fully developed website offering Computer software for tracking and managing information for use in the field of information technology

6 The domain ‘’ forwards to

7 The word ‘absolute’ as a brand works better as a Prefix followed by a business category

8 It’s not a popular word by domain count and ranks it at 3214th position

Well, here are some business websites operating under the word ‘Absolute’ : – Fill your day with hundreds of songs, not the same ones over and over again – World’s leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment and services for Olympic-style fencing – a comprehensive staff model Patient-Centered Ambulatory ICU utilizing innovative Population Health Management tools. – aims to provide an extensive array of professional quality product lines to complete any head-to-toe beauty – Luxury travel from Absolute Travel creates one-of-a-kind luxury vacations – provides international internships for students – A fiercely passionate ensemble whose absolute commitment is to hone the craft and raise the artistic merit – We want you to feel better and move better. We are a community of certified Movement Educators – The leading brand of Premium vodka. It misses the exact domain

Are you looking to brand something based on the word ‘Absolute’? then consider the above points. Although Absolute is not a popular topic by domain count still most of the domain names especially dot com with Absolute as a prefix are gone. Gone necessarily doesn’t mean it’s not available so make sure to contact the seller to get a quote.

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