The Word ‘Aim’ as a Brand

The word ‘Aim’ conjures up images of success, ambition and the bullseye of the dartboard. Aim is a simple three letter word which as a verb means a point at a target and as a noun means intention or the desired outcome. AIM can also be an acronym. Its other variants include aimed and aiming.

Let’s check the use of the word ‘aim’ as a brand when it comes to company domain names:

The domain name is active and is a short form of AOL Instant messenger. And, if you visit you will see this notice. ” AOL Instant Messenger will be discontinued on December 15, 2017.”

When it comes to domain-name sales and registrations there is not enough data to suggest that ‘aim’ is a strong keyword. As per Namebio; and are the top three sales for this keyword.

But still, I’ve found a good number of companies using ‘Aim’ as a brand for their business and here is the list of some of them: A free forum and message board Is an Australian Institute of management education & Training Promotes safe and affordable healthcare Is a world-leader in motor sports and race data acquisition technology is the largest independent provider of EDM solutions is an innovative not for profit that grows, connects and inspires the tech talent unbiased resource for networking, education, advocacy and standards, a creative platform deals with architecture, interior design, research and concept development Leverage industry-leading technology professionals to help you solve business-critical challenges America’s Fittest Couple Challenge 2Presented by Oxygen Magazine
and so on…

There are a lot of industries who are using the word ‘aim’ as a name and brand for their business. From the sample data I’ve above, it shows that ‘aim’ is a suitable prefix followed by the industry category like technology, health, software, sports, consulting, fitness etc. Apart from it ‘aim’ is a weak keyword and it is the 1,924th most popular topic on the internet by domain count according to LDS.

AIM apart from being used for branding is also an acronym for many such as:
AOL Instant Messenger
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
Alternative Investment Market
American Indian Movement
Asian Institute of Management (Manila)
Australian Institute of Management
Adventures in Missions
Applied Information Management
And so on…

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