The Word ‘AIR’ and Its Brandable Facts

When it comes to naming your business, words play an important role. To name a business one need to choose a keyword-based name or an invented one. A keyword based name is derived from language and its a word that is already popular in English or in an another language. Whereas an invented name is created and has no meanings attached.

In this series, I will be discussing the words as a brand that are derived from English Dictionary. I will begin with the word ‘air’. Lets see how it’s being used by businesses globally.

A Google search for ‘air’ gives us around 4,060,000,000 results and many list of many websites. Air is among the top popular words under three letter. Its primarily used by businesses operating under airlines and aviation industries.

Here is the list of some of the companies-names that use ‘air’ as a keyword:
And, almost everycountry has Air as a prefix in from of their country name when it comes to operating the country airlines.

Other usage of ‘air’ for company naming includes: Supplies a unique portfolio of atmospheric and process gases, equipment and services. Makes easy to organize stuff, people, team
AirDecker: Provides maintenance services to all means of transportation A non-profit organisation focusing on Photography & Lens Based Art,
Environmental Sustainability, Workshops, Residencies, Exhibitions & Artist Talks

Air is an excellent keyword for travel, air based products, airconditioners, airfreshners, airguns, airmattress, airpurifiers, airtools and so on.

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