The Word Action as a Brand Name

Action speaks louder than words! But, when it comes to naming your business the word ‘action’ as a business-naming-word really speaks louder. It’s a call to action word with all the ingredients to help you make your brand stand out.

Here are some cool facts about the word ‘brand’ with reference to business or company naming:

1. As a noun, it means the process of doing something and as a verb means to take action
2. Google shows at least About 3,300,000,000 results for the word action
3. It has more than 2 million monthly average searches with at least 0.50 CPC
4. is an active website and its about-us page says “A fast-growing, international non-food discounter…” Interestingly I don’t see the registered trademark symbol
5. Tons of trademarks are active on the word ‘action’ across many industries such as computers, advertising, construction, vehicles, scientific and many more
6. takes you to a Facebook page whereas is an active site dedicated to global health advocacy
7. The word action Works better as a prefix followed by the industry
8. Some prominent brands worldwide with the word action in it are: ActionShoes, ActionVoip, ActionSports, Etc
9. shows more than 400 names for the term ‘action’ with a variety of possible business uses
10. puts it on the 382nd position as the most popular topic on the internet by domain count
11. Google shows lot of .org websites for the term action
12. NameBio shows the sale of and as the topmost for the word ‘action’

Here are some Google results with websites operating under the word ‘action’:

1. – is an international non-profit that aims to instill the values of human dignity
2. – Is an international humanitarian organization committed to saving the lives of malnourished children
3. – Practical Action is an international development charity. uses sustainable technology to challenge poverty and improve the lives of people worldwide
4. – ACTION is an initiative spearheaded to develop entrepreneurial capabilities and attitudes within a diverse audience – is about helping people and changing lives. We’re dedicated to empowering people and building a stronger, more productive community
6. – is a global manufacturing and solutions drone company for industrial markets
7. – provides upfront value with our manufacturing volume.

There are many website urls or domains containing the word action. And, if you’re looking to name your company based on the word ‘action’ then proper research is required. From online search optimization point of view, the word action is too crowded. And, websites addressing the social issues like poverty, development, charity,¬†are on the top of search engine result pages. It also means that the word has got more inclined towards social issues than business.

For example ‘ACT’ which means ‘Action Against Hunger’ is a global humanitarian organization committed to ending world hunger. As per Wikipedia ‘ACT‘ organization helps malnourished children whilst providing communities with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger.

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